Garments, Jewellery, and Bags by Harry Millward – Photography; Tim Casten of EyeSeaFilms – Crowns; Cath Quartermain – Shoes; Rollie
Models Jeremy Anderson of XY & Andy Murray of Brazen – Makeup by Madeleine ‘Femfox’ Goldsmith

The Reflected Crown


‘The Reflected Crown’ is my first mini-collection after graduating. The designs were inspired by themes of symmetry, straight lines on flowing silhouettes, the fluidity of power, and ideas of royalty; spoken through texture, colour, and drape. The soft purple, electric blue, and bright gold give a distinct identity while the charcoal grey throughout lends a more subtle touch which can blend into an outfit and yet give a strong statement.

The motif on the scarves are the Harry Millward logo (a symbol created as a child from the acronym of my full name: W.H.M). However, over time I saw more to the motif – imagining it as a crown reflected on its base, as though it was sitting on a mirror, or floating on water. I find my self often inspired by mythology, fairy tails, and the juxtaposition of man and nature, and shapes that suggest a story. So to me this symbol I doodled as a child became more than a few letters, it is now to me ‘The Reflecting Crown’.

The River


The inspiration for The River came from a vivid fever dream after my hospitalisation from a particularly serious bout of influence.

Walking through a desert of white sand, under a starry sky and silver moon, I came across a river, while following alongside the sand began to collapse under my feet, and I was swept into the rapid water. I floated on the surface struggling to stay afloat, I was alone and frightened, until I sank below.

It was one of the most real feeling dreams I had, and the juxtaposition of the calm, beautiful land I found myself in, with the fear and sense of aloneness, the agoraphobia and the claustrophobia.

I wanted to take the beauty, flow, and softness I remembered from that place and create something light from the dark.



Oneiori is a mini knitwear collection, and first collection after the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, with hold ups in manufacturing in Melbourne for a large part of 2020 it was then pushed back to 2021. The collection is 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton, designed and made in Melbourne.

The collection is centered around around the eye-knit motif and the relationship between dreams and creative expression. Oneiroi are the dream spirits of Greek myth.

Photos are by Act Four Photography

Models are Harry Millward, Florin Risley, and Kimberly Reynolds

In press, news, blogs etc

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Work featured in fashion editorials.

Sticks and Stones AgencyPhotographer: Teresa Ortega @trippy.teaaaModel: Jonti @_toughboyStylist: Nelly @nellyskfHMUA: Clodia Marland @clodiamarland
Lucy’s MagazinePhotography – Danielle Chau @danielleciaochauStylist – Nelly Skoufatoglou @nellyskfHair & Make up – Nicole Giardossi @nicolegiardossi_makeupartistModel – Ben Hebbard (Chadwick)
Elegant Magazine📷: @belindamathesonphotographyModel: Annika Milena
HUMA: Lisa Rathgen
Assistant Photographer: Jason Zen
Gold Headpiece: Krissy Tee
Venue: Amelia Shaw


Sizing not relevant to all garments and accessories, though garments are made to fit these measurements at a minimum, some may be intended to be oversized rather than fitted.

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If you’re not sure about a particular garment or you wish to enquire about custom sizing please don’t hesitate to use the contact page. Fittings or alterations or a meeting at Incube8r Fitzroy can be organised.